Nicklas Ingels PCB's list

Title Screenshot Manufacturer Year Genre V/H Image Info
1943 The Battle Of Midway Capcom 1987 Shoot'em up V PCB
Black Dragon Capcom 1987 Platform H   X
Galaga'88 Namco 1987 Shoot'em up V PCB X
Gals Panic Kaneko 1990 Puzzle V PCB  
Jigoku Meguri
Bonze Adventure (Jap. ver)
Taito 1988 Platform H PCB
Strikers 1945 Psikyo 1995 Shoot'em'up V PCB X
Tetris Atari 1988 Puzzle H PCB
Track & Field Konami 1983 Sport H PCB X

All games are in working order and JAMMA standard. If not, see the "Information" cell.

These PCB's are not for sale or up for trade, information on my stuff that's up for Sale and/or trade can be found in the Sale/Trade list.

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