The complete game's list of Nicklas Ingels

Title Screenshot Manufacturer Year Genre V/H Image Info
1943 (The) Battle Of Midway Capcom 1987 Shoot'em up V PCB
Big Tournament Golf
Neo Turf Masters
Nazca 1996 Sport H MVS INFO
Black Dragon Capcom 1987 Platform H PCB INFO
Galaga'88 Namco 1987 Shoot'em up V PCB INFO
Gals Panic Kaneko 1990 Puzzle V PCB  
Jigoku Meguri
Bonze Adventure (Jap. ver)
Taito 1988 Platform H PCB
(The) King Of Fighters'95 SNK 1995 Fighter H MVS
Last Blade II SNK 1998 Fighter H MVS INFO
League Bowling SNK 1990 Sport H MVS INFO
Metal Slug Nazca 1996 Run & Shoot H MVS INFO
Metal Slug X SNK 1999 Run & Shoot H MVS
Strikers 1945 Psikyo 1995 Shoot'em'up V PCB INFO
Strikers 1945 Plus Psikyo 1999 Shooter H MVS
Tetris Atari 1988 Puzzle H PCB
Track & Field Konami 1983 Sport H PCB INFO
Windjammers Data East 1994 Sport H MVS INFO
Vampire Savior 2 Capcom 1997 Fighter H CPS2 INFO
All games are in working order and JAMMA standard or with a Jamma motherboard. If not, see the "Information" cell.

These PCB's are not for sale or up for trade, information on my stuff that's up for Sale and/or trade can be found in the Sale/Trade list.

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