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Welcome to the "Insert Coin" - The Arcade site of Nicklas Ingels

This is the arcade section of and the place where I'll keep everything up to date when it comes to my collection of everything arcade. I'll also hopefully manage to help someone in some way.

Updated - 21/9'07 - The Pictures are online again (Fixed the paths to The Gallery which has been updated. The Arcade pictures have their own section in the gallery).

Updated - 21/9'07 - Pictures in My Stuff for all the items are now also working (See above)

Updated - 21/9'07 - Added a Arcade Audio & Music section to Arcade Links


Start is the place where you are now.

The Machine is information on my current arcade machines.

My Stuff is the list of the games I own, you can also find information on the diffrent systemboards I own.

Pictures are just what you think it is. This section opens up in a new window.

Sale / Trade list is the list of the games I have up for sale or available thru trading.

Wanted list is the list of the games Im hunting for at the moment, if you have one of the PCB's that's on the list and if You want to get rid of it, please drop me a mail and let's see if we can come to a deal.

Repairs is where you can find the solutions to the problems I've run into, Im no expert at fixing things but sometimes I manage to fix the problems I create.

Arcade Links are the list of links to other useful arcade websites.

Why & History is the place where you get to know more about the why's, the how's & the when's.

Contact Me is exactly what you think it is and the place you need to go to if you want some sweet link images...

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he Galaga series is the #1 favorite arcade gaming series of this webmaster.. Try the Galaga games if you havent tried them yet, their classics !!!