Dead Control Panel

I had some friends over and some of them wanted to play 1943 - Battle Of Midway so I had taken down the front opening of my cabinett to connect the PCB and then I put everything back in place.

Plugged in the power and the machine started, inserted coin and pressed the "1 Player" button.. Nothing happened so I unplugged the powercord, opened the cabinett and looked around, everything looked okey so I restarted the machine, nothing happened again.

I found the DIP-Switch settings and started it in "Test Mode" and tried to move the joysticks to see if anything happened, it was dead.

Now I started to feel the panic slowly creeping in, since Im not that smart when it comes to electronics or wiring, so I posted a little question to the wonderful people at asking them what the problem could be and I pretty soon a user pointed me towards the right directions.

Maybe it's the GND cable to the control panel
This cable goes thru all the controllers, both buttons & joysticks. To explain it easy one could say that this cable makes things turn either On or Off and without it things like a button could never be pressed and have a function like "Fire" or "Start". So, without it nothing works.

The GND cable on the control panel

Im not an expert in anyway but I knew where to look (or atleast which cable to look at) and soon I saw that it had been torn off from where it oughta be soldered and therefor "killed" all action from the control panel.

Next day I took the control panel down to work where I could solder the cable back to where it should be, Im no expert at fixing things (Im better at destroying them) and after a while I managed to get it to stick.. Now it's as good as new (besides bad soldering)..

The white contacts can be removed and should be removed when you open up the front of your cabinet

I guess that I managed to rip the GND cable from it's place when I removed the front to plug in the 1943 PCB. I did not unplug the plug & socket connectors that was wired to the coin mechanism and control panel which I should have.