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Why ?...

I guess I am one of those that belong to the "First Generation" that has grown up playing arcade games and got a home computer at an early age. In my case it all started with the wonderful Commodore 64 at the age of 8 or 9, then the super home computer Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 (With 20 Megabytes of SCSI HDD.. I was the coolest kid on the block) and it has evolved from there, during the teens I was hooked on arcade and pinball games. Now at the age of 32 I got my own arcade machine, that was something I wouldnt even dream about when I was younger but now it's the cool reality that I live in. I own my very arcade machine and some very cool games..

Im not the technical guy that can fix the monitor if it brakes down or solder a new jamma harness (atleast not yet..) but there is always help to get from someone, either a helpful friend at some online forum or in worst kind, someone that can help you out in exchange for money. It's a pretty expensive hobby, some PCB's can be pretty expensive. Games can cost anything from a couple of dollars to a few hundred dollars. The most expensive PCB I've bought to date is Namco's classic Galaga'88. Sure it was expensive but it was worth it (Since it's my favorite game AND that I never got to play any of the Galaga games when I was younger). Usually the cabinett is the most expensive part in your collection.

My Arcade History

Starting to get serious ideas about getting his own arcade machine. Becomes a member at where many of the other users are very helpful and gives advice on buying an aracade machine. Also pays the 100:- Arkadspelsintresserades Riks Förening membership fee.

Visits Falu Automater which must be some sort of heavenly kingdom.. There was alot of fun stuff there, finds an JK-Cabinett.

Get to know the pricetag on the JK-Cabinett and decides to buy it. The machine together with "1943 Battle Of Midway" & "Golden Axe" costs 3000:- SKR

Becomes a member of Arkadspelsintresserades Riks Förening. Anders whom showed me around when I visited Falu Automater delivers the cabinett with "Golden Axe" and "1943 Battle Of Midway", price including delivery (Now, that's service..) is 3500:-

Buys "Galaga'88" and "Decathlete" (Last one being Cartridge on a Sega ST-V systemboard) from the user MoonWeed88. "Galaga'88" is expensive but worth every krona =)

Keeps on shopping games...
Buys "Bonze Adventure" from user Thai

Buys "Gals Panic" from user Sven666, "Gals Panic" is one of the funniest puzzle games around ("Tetris" not included). It even has some nudity in it.. Great combination =)

When I visit Madness gamenight in Åsa I buy "Black Dragon" for 300:- and I get to wear a big smile..

Gives Sotarn my "Golden Axe" PCB (I got to Madness Gamenight in Åsa thanks to him) and my "Decathlete" ST-V cartridge & systemboard gets traded for a 1 slot Neo Geo (MV1F) and the game "Stakes Winner II" which is an absurd horse racing game =) ... Next up could be "Metal Slug" ;)

Jumps onboard the excellent deal run by peap at Arkadtorget and orders the "Metal Slug", "Metal Slug X" & "Art Of Fighting 3" Neo Geo MVS cartridges.

Buys the Neo Geo MVS cartridge "Windjammer - Flying Disc Game" (300:- SKR) from rippus at The deal was found in the Köp & Sälj - Arkadrelaterat (Buy & Sell - Arcaderelated) forum

Gets his share (40 PCB Feet, "Art Of Fighting", "Metal Slug" & "Metal Slug X") of the Excellent deal that peap had at Also got 4 Shockbox covers & a UniversalBios for the Neo Geo MVH MV1F Systemboard (Enables alot of stuff, switching languages is one from peap.
"Track & Field" (Wooohooo...) finds it's way from matsod at, it's untested and without the much needed Jamma adapter (matsod had plugged it in and got picture and could start a game so.. it looks promising)

Anders from Falu Automater is in Leksand and has a Konami-Jamma adapter with him (I called him and he made one for me for a reasonable price, once again great service !!) "Track & Field" works perfect (almost, I have no sound but I will check the adapter and see if it's there the problem is)

"The Big Tournamet Golf" AKA "Neo Turf Masters MVS" arrives from Sonic's Fujita deal at Arkadtorget. This is IMHO the best golfing game you can find on a arcade !!

Trades my "Stakes Winner II" (NeoGeo MVS) with Ganheden's "King Of Fighters '95"

New Highscore on Galaga'88 - Final Score: 201180. Game Over on level 2-16

"Vampire Saviour II" (CPSII Gaeboard + Motherboard), CPS Kick harness, "Sega Tetris" (System16 PCB), "Striker 1945", "League Bowling" (MVS) and "Last Blade II" (MVS) arrives from & Supersonic's Fujita "Third Strike" deal.

Tetris (Atari) and two marquees (Galaga & Burgertime) arrives from Madness.. I will take good care of them !!

Five Shockboxes (with 4 inserts being "Neo Turf Masters", "League Bowling", "Last Blade II" and "Strikers 1945Plus") arrives. Got them thru a deal that the user Lowemark has setup.

mdungan at the best arcade place online sells me his "Strikers 1945Plus" NeoGeo MVS at a reasonable price.. Kudos to him